Saturday, June 19, 2010

Amelia - 5 months

My sweet baby is changing every day and we are all continuing to enjoy every minute of her precious little life. Enjoy, yes, but fight is a little more accurate. I think I just may ground the older three kids from her for an entire day if they continue on as they have. This is what I hear on a daily basis, "It's my turrrrn", "I called her", "She held her longer than me", "It's not fair that he gets her again", "Why can't Amelia sleep with me", "She always sleeps with you", "Mommmm, she is hogging Amelia", ok, you get the point, Amelia is verrry popular around these parts. Even though it gets a bit old to hear these complaints, I am grateful they love and enjoy her as much they do. It's better than hearing, "Do I have to hold her again?".