Monday, June 27, 2011


Introducing my new niece, Rylee Lynn...

in Grammy's garden

sweet face
the Mommy
the Daddy

Monday, April 4, 2011

Descriptive Writing

What pleasure and satisfaction I have to see my children succeed in all they do. To watch them grow spiritually and see godly character develop in them brings me joy beyond measure. My children have special gifts and talents as all children do. Jacob has always been creative at everything he puts his hand to, including writing. Here is a paragraph he wrote for his descriptive writing class last week.

Water was trickling into my mouth and nose. It felt as if I had a bonfire inside my lungs. Up! I jumped off of the pebbly death bed beneath me and gasped for a breath of fresh air. Oh, the pure joy in that breath. I felt as if I had gone from being tortured to the pleasure of finishing my math lesson. Just like smelling a fragrant flower and that scent flees too quickly, I was sinking. “Help!” I cried, but no answer. As I sunk down to my watery death, I thought maybe I would be able to jump off the bottom again. Up! This time there was a couple next to me. “Help!” I screamed, but to my horror they didn’t hear me. Up, down, up, down. Finally, after what seemed to me like an hour, I saw my dad approaching. “Thank you, Lord,” I thought to myself. I clutched on to my dad’s shirt as I was being carried back. I whispered to him, “Thank you.”

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our News Anchor

Ed and I were sorting through pictures tonight and found this video clip Sophie made with her camera. We've never seen it before and laughed very hard. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coming To Theatres Soon!!

This is Jake's new movie project. Dedicated to Grandpa Jack who provided the soundtrack.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

She's 1!!!

Fourth baby and I've finally decided not to introduce sugar just because its their birthday. So Amelia got a muffin made from scratch: freshly ground flour soaked in homemade buttermilk, farm fresh eggs, real maple syrup, and cultured cream cheese colored with beet juice instead of frosting. She loved it! This was probably the sweetest thing that has ever touched her lips. Plus, I didn't fear she would make herself sick after gorging herself.

This is one of Amelia's favorite friends, Mr. Hale. How sweet, she's sharing her muffin with him.

Amelia loved her presents but she loved Lucy's Rosy doll even more; so much that she cried every time it was taken from her. At the end of the party Miss Vicki made a special trip to buy Amelia her very own Rosy. Miss Vicki is the best!