Sunday, January 16, 2011

She's 1!!!

Fourth baby and I've finally decided not to introduce sugar just because its their birthday. So Amelia got a muffin made from scratch: freshly ground flour soaked in homemade buttermilk, farm fresh eggs, real maple syrup, and cultured cream cheese colored with beet juice instead of frosting. She loved it! This was probably the sweetest thing that has ever touched her lips. Plus, I didn't fear she would make herself sick after gorging herself.

This is one of Amelia's favorite friends, Mr. Hale. How sweet, she's sharing her muffin with him.

Amelia loved her presents but she loved Lucy's Rosy doll even more; so much that she cried every time it was taken from her. At the end of the party Miss Vicki made a special trip to buy Amelia her very own Rosy. Miss Vicki is the best!


Kelly said...

Wow! How could she be a year old already?! Happy birthday sweet girl.
Looks like she really enjoyed her party.
Can't wait to visit soon.

Vicki said...

Well it's really Aunt Vicki but I will forgive you this time!! I LOVE Millie Badillie the silly silly Millie girl. She's part mine you know:0 It was such an honor to be at her first birthday and give her a baby to take care of....already gonna be a good mama, I can tell!!

Ginger said...
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Jody said...

Sweetness! I love the frosting face! And that the muffin in half as big as her face!

And your hair is so long!! I love it!

Edward and Gretchen said...
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Ginger said...

I LOVED those pics!! Adorable! Don't you have one like that 2nd one w/ all your 1 year olds? It looks very familiar.