Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carel Kiddos

Jacob turned 13 in December. His favorite things to do are playing and exploring in the pastures with the dogs and building crazy inventions. He also likes to read and play his guitar and ukulele. Jacob watches the girls like a hawk and is such a protective big brother. Not looking much like our little boy anymore, as boyhood is shedding away and a young man is beginning to appear.

Sophie is about to turn 11. She is often second momma in the house to her younger siblings. Without her second pair of helpful hands I am not sure how our house would run. She plays the piano every free moment she gets and has won numerous "Superior" ribbons playing at her music festivals. Sophie is mature beyond her years and is a great teacher and encourager.

Vivian turned 6 this month. She counted down the days to her party. She asked me, "Will I grow all at once and get bigger on my birthday or just a little at a time?" She is super sweet and can quickly bring a smile to my face with her wittiness. A few weeks ago during church she leaned over and smiled at me and said, "Finally!", when she heard the pastor say "in conclusion." I did not disillusion her by telling her that meant nothing.

Amelia turned 2 in January. Yes I said 2! Whew...she is giving us a run for our money. Have you ever laughed when your child did something incredibly cute and at the same time very naughty? Well, that is our Millie. She LOVES to tell (yell) the dogs NO! Sassy and sweet is our little Millie.

And baby 5 is coming in just a few short weeks. I'm not sure what I will write about him or her in a year or so but I could probably make a good guess. Ever seen a child sit and play sweetly with great contentedness for hours without a peep? Neither have I. Gretchen and I don't seem to make that flavor. Our DNA seems to produce beautiful and creative, little mischievous energy ridden go a hundred miles an hour kids....but I wouldn't trade them for anything!