Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sophia, Tanner, Jacob, Colin
Summer 2007

"You only meet your once in a lifetime friend... once in a lifetime."
~ from Little Rascals

The first time Jacob and Colin met was when Jake was 6 months and Colin 4 months. I flew to Corpus Christi to spend the weekend with Vicki. This was the first time Vicki and I would be together with our babies. We were "moms" now! I felt like a real grown-up. I think all we did the entire weekend was nurse our babies and talk. Not the way it is when we get together now. With 7 children between us, talking doesn't exactly happen. We have to yell to be heard over the chaos around us. Colin and Tanner are like brothers to Jacob. He would rather be with those boys than any other person on earth.


The Sexton Family said...

I cannot believe how big they all are now! I remember them all being so little! Time really flies by when it comes to kids growing up.

Vicki said...

Joy they are so much bigger now that was 2 years ago. My boys will be so happy to be on someone else's blog. Can you believe that first time together as mommmies. We took Jake to see the Ocean for the first time, and he got RED. That's all I am saying:)) Boy have we grown up, just to think of the more and more pictures to come. Can't wait. It has been a Joy to walk this life out with you all. We Love you guys so much. We are blessed to have friends, really family like you. Ok I better get off before I am a blubbery mess.