Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amelia - 2 weeks

Here is Amelia at two weeks. We have been on hiatus from blogging since she was born spending time with and getting to know her. We are beginning to establish our new “normal” and life is feeling pretty good.

Wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming warmth and care that we have received in the many gifts, meals, kid watching, and acts of kindness from friends and family.

These photos where taken by our great friend, neighbor, fellow home school mom, and photographer. Thank you Melinda!!


Kelly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! Going to have to meet your neighbor just in case I have another bundle someday! You look so content and peaceful with her! So happy for you!

Cozby said...

Aaaww she's such a beauty! Congrats!

Karen said...

Oh, she is so lovely!

The Sexton Family said...

She is so precious Gretch! I really hope we can come home this spring and get to meet each other's babies when they are still actually babies!