Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bunny Ears

Happy Resurrection Day (Easter) from the Carel family. Now you and I both know that Easter is not really about bunnies and chocolate eggs, but when Gretchen saw the pattern for these hats she could not pass them up. She worked really hard making them in time for the girls to sport at church and Grandma’s for lunch. What I loved most about today was the innocence in which our kids worshiped, played, egg hunted and enjoyed the richness of a day with family without a bunch of tricked out hype. Just kicking around being kids and grateful to God for the gift of redemption that is expressed in the Passion Story.

Today I am thankful for:
God’s amazing gift of grace
The budding of spring time
Green grass
Fresh air
Our church
The innocence of my kids
My wife
My new baby
My dad’s brisket
Crocheted bunny hats


The Mommy Blawger said...

No photo of Jacob in a hat??? :)

Kelly said...

TOO CUTE!!! I'm waiting on my lesson whenever you are ready to teach me! :)

Jody said...

With the hats on its AMAZING how much Viv and Sophie look alike! Can you believe you have 3 GIRLS!! How fun is that?!

Ginger said...

Those are adorable!! I'm very impressed, Gretchen. And very impressed that Sophie was willing to wear bunny ears. I don't know if I could talk my big girls into doing that for me.