Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Pasture Paradise

Well we made it to the end of our living in the office, packing, construction, living in limbo season of life and crossed the finish line. See Millie in the beautiful new farm sink with the 100 year old restored planks for the backspash and oak countertops. We loved it.......while it lasted. With the passing of the above mentioned season of life and enjoying our freshly renovated home for a total of one day the unthinkable occurred, a broken water pipe in the wall. Can you say flood? Yes we had water seeping under our freshly handscraped and sealed hardwood floors just days after they were finished. Now we get to start all over again. Have you seen Groundhog Day where Bill Murray woke up in the sleepy little town over and over again reliving the same day? That's us. And while I know there are much greater tragedies in life, this one took the skip out of my step and the whistle from my lips.

So we breathe deep, thank God for his greatness and Allstate insurance for their policy and move on again. We have torn out much of the damaged material and will commence the renovation again next Thursday. We will keep you posted.

What's in store you ask? New cabinets, floors, trim, plumbing, paint and about four weeks with no kitchen...again. We are accepting dinner invitations.



Ginger said...

Those pics are awesome!!
Email me what days you're in McKinney; we'd LOVE to have you over for dinner!
Thanks for blogging! :) I'd really missed it.

Jody said...

You know what I love about this picture? Besides adorableness sitting in your sink?

What I really love is that shamrock plant in your window. I've been coming to your house for 12 years...4 different houses, 4 children later, and you've ALWAYS had THAT plant in just that spot.

And right after all your re-construction, I know it will be right there the next time I come. To me, it's a picture of God's faithfulness in your life and your commitment to put first things first. To right the wrongs and to celebrate life.

You're gonna pull through this obstacle just like the others: with grace for each other and counting on God to walk you through.

Edward and Gretchen said...

Jody, thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

That would be an oxalis in my window given to me 16 years ago by my Grandmother. Babied and still alive today.

The Sexton Family said...

This is your formal dinner invitation to the Sexton household. If you come to Campo we will provide you with all three meals every day you are here ;-)

Vicki said...

Well you are always welcome here....and now I have gloves for Gretchen to help wash dishes!!!

Kelly said...

SO sorry to hear about the leak. What a bummer!
I know when it's all said and done it's going to be beautiful and I can't wait to see it.
Love the cool sink by the way!!!

Ginger said...

It's time you posted "after" pics. Your house looks fantastic! You need to blog it!