Monday, April 30, 2012

Elsie's Birth Story, Part 4

We returned to our bedroom to allow Gretchen to rest and regain her strength.  Rene’e counted fingers and toes and completed the newborn testing.  After nearly an hour we called everyone in and announced our little one’s name, Elsie Jane, God is my oath and God is gracious.

Elsie Jane, by Jacob
 I can’t explain what it felt like when the towel was removed from Elsie's body,  happy and relieved mostly.  It was so wonderful to be close when she drew her first breath.  To see the joy on everyone’s faces when she came up was amazing.  They all held their breath, many different squeals and “Good job Gretchen”.  I love holding her and looking at her tiny hands and fingers.  I have never been around for a birth.  It was pretty fast, at least it seemed to be to me.
Elsie, I hope you grow up to be a woman who serves God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.  I love you, Jacob
Elsie Jane, by Sophie
I woke up with people all around me: Mrs. Ortley, Miss Vicki and Miss Jody.  I knew then my mom was in labor.  I was so thrilled that I jumped out of my bed.  I walked out and there was a tub in the middle of the living room floor.  I really did not know how to react at first.  I went into my mom and dad’s room where my mom was laboring.  I told my dad that the first and last thing I prayed for the night before was this. Once my mom got into the tub, we all gathered around and got ready to meet the new baby.  Right when the baby came into the my mom’s arms, we hurried and covered it with a towel.  None of us knew what it was yet and were all eager.  I got the honor of cutting the cord.  I carefully took the scissors and cut.  It was like cutting a hose.  About 15 minutes after my mom had the baby we found out the gender..... IT WAS A GIRL!!!!  Wow 4 girls; I was so exited.  I immediately started making phone calls to family and friends.  After my mom and the baby took their bath we found out how much she weighed and how long she was.  9.1 just like me.  I was so tickled.  And to make things better, she was as long as me too.  I felt like I was very special at that moment. After all of the emotion was done and every body left, besides Miss Vicki, all of the kids watched a movie.  But I could not pay any attention.  All I wanted to do was stare at the new baby.
 Elsie Jane, by Vivian
What did you think about being able to watch your baby sister be born?
I thought it would take a long time so I thought it would be boring.
The best part was getting out.
First the head came out, then belly, then body (which Vivian refers to as the private area), then the feet.

What did you think when we found out it was a girl?
We have a lot of sisters.

The first time you held her, what did you think?
She felt light.

What was the best part about holding her?
Her hands...they are so soft and small and I like the way it feels when she holds my finger.

Should mommy and daddy have more babies?
How many?
Cuz little babies are so cute!


Anonymous said...

I love the comments of Elsie's big brother and sisters! I guess if you go with Vivian's wish for 10 babies you are half way there. The pictures with the comments are perfect. Love to everyone!
Aunt Evelyn

Kelly said...

What a beautiful story! I loved how you had all the kids tell the story from their point of view. That will be a great treasure when they are older. Can't wait to meet her! I'm so happy for you all.