Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School time

This is a picture of my daughter working diligently on her writing assignment, can't you see? At the right of the picture, she's holding a green pencil. I know, Ronny is a bit distracting, isn't he. Well he distracted me too.

This bag was on the table and he crawled right in......well, with a little help from me he did. See, it's not just our kids who get distracted from school.

He is always where the action is and this was the most action in our home at the time because Vivian went to work with Daddy for the morning.

The lighting was perfect so why not take a few pics of my kitty.

Then this is when it happened, she came home.

"Oh no! She's back." At least I think that's what he was thinking.

She loves her kitty and let's him know it.

This cat doesn't hurt from not enough love.

He hurts from too much love, poor kitty.

Nap time is officially over.


Shipra Panosian said...

hehe, we have a golden retriever that keeps us company while we 'school'.
Don't you just love homeschooling?!!

Ginger said...

Kids make for really tame pets from our experience. Misha is the best cat ever, because of all the abuse the gets at the hands of Chloe and Lydia. lol