Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amelia - 7 1/2 months

Amelia is on the move. The kids have so many nick names for her but the newest is "Hot Shot" cuz she thinks she is BIG stuff. Not only is she crawling but can go to a full stand from a squatting position without the support of a piece of furniture. My babies all walked before a year but I don't remember any of them standing at such an early age. Oh, do babies grow too fast or what? I am grateful God gave Amelia to us. She has been so much fun and has blessed us beyond measure.


The Sexton Family said...

She is getting so big. I cannot wait to meet her at Christmas time. Love that last photo!

Jody said...

It's ABOUT TIME we saw some pictures of the baby! Don't you know that's all most of us are actually interested in?! I kid, I kid.
What she is, is SWEETNESS! A complete mixture of Viv & Soph in looks! I love it!!

Ginger said...

She has such a different look about her. I love her sweet face!!
She's got Julia beat, but I plan to push Julia down as soon as she starts getting mobil. ;)

Kelly said...

Precious! Just love her cute face!