Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Movin to the Country

All packed up and ready to go!!!

The lane to our new house.

For those of you who know us know we have dreamed of living and raising our children in the country. The time has come. The Lord has brought us an amazing property within 15 minutes of our church home instead of the 40 minutes we have been driving every Sunday. This is something we have put much thought and prayer into but didn't know that God would have something in store for us NOW. Back in May, a family in our church phoned us and asked if we would be interested in purchasing their home on 7 acres, backed up to their neighbor's 3,000. We had shared with them just weeks prior that one day we really wanted to be closer to the church and on a few acres in the country. So here we are...listed our home in McKinney in July, got a full price offer in August, close this Friday, move out the same day. Here's the fun part...we get to live in Ed's office for 4-6 weeks, one room, no kitchen, 4 children, two dogs, and 1 cat. I'm trying very hard to keep a smile on my face. Our new home needs lots of TLC but thankfully I have an amazingly talented and creative husband who plans to do some great things with the house. I am most excited about are new hardwood floors and a farmhouse sink in my kitchen. More pics on this later. As for the outdoors, we plan to have our own mini homestead with a large garden, berry patch, cows, chickens, laying hens and possible milking goats. Any tips or advice on any of these are more than welcome.

Front yard.

Back yard.

Fishing on our new neighbor's pond. I think we caught over 10 fish.

I keep telling the kids raw food is best. I didn't mean for Jacob to take me so literally.


Anonymous said...

The desire of your hearts is coming to be…..that is great. By the stacking of the boxes I can tell everything is in order and ready to go. I’m sure you’ll keep a smile on your face (most days) and look forward to the day of unpacking the new boxes in your new country home. I would never have dreamed to have family become Texans. I know I never dreamed I would live in Texas but when I did I loved it and would have been happy for the Lord to let us remain Texans but He had other things in mind for us ….. but, I never dreamed of being a Tennessean either! My heart will remain Midwestern.

It was fun seeing the picture of the lane heading to the house but getting to the end of the pictures – no house! Guess that is still a surprise for us to see. I know between both Eddie and you it will be wonderful. You are a blessed family. Keep us posted.

Aunt Ev

Vicki said...

WOOO HOOOO can not wait to come play and stay:) You guys will never regret this move. I am so so so so so so ok really happy for you guys...Oh the joys of country life. I am so happy...ok I will leave you alone...I might be happiest about getting visitors for 4-6 weeks.....

The Sexton Family said...

So the wise thing for ya'll to do would be to come see us for a few weeks rather than staying in Ed's office! ;-)

Oh, and by the way, I am SO SO SO excited about coming and visiting ya'll for Christmas and seeing your new home. The children will have so much fun playing together in that massive yard!

Crystal said...

Please tell me Jake took that fish out of his mouth quickly after that picture. Boys are a different species. And watch, I'm probably pregnant with one ;).

How fun for you guys. Take before and after pictures and show us. I love to see how people remodel their homes. And seven acres, so cool.

Christy said...

I saw your link on Crystals and couldnt resist. :) Cute blog and even cuter family. The house and property sound amazing. My husband will be so envious. :) Looking forward to reading and seeing more.

Jody said...

So glad the dream to be out of the City is coming to be! You kept getting farther, and farther away but, alas, you're actually doing it!
Looking forward to the before/after pictures!

Ginger said...

How did I miss this post?
We are so excited for you! And what sophisticated taste Jacob has. Cavier and sushi. lol